Fire & Explosion Investigation

  • Arson continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the western world. Both incendiary and accidental fire need to be carefully investigated so that an accurate determination can be made as to not only the fire’s origin and cause, but the responsible party or contributing factor.

  • Our investigators are court-qualified, state and nationally-certified fire and explosion experts. We can provide investigative services for not only commercial and residential structure fires, but vehicle, vessel, and wildland fires as well.

  • Pacific Rim Investigators are subrogation/liability specialists who assist the clients representative in identifying responsible third parties and protecting liability interests. This detailed and comprehensive approach to fire investigations will assist in establishing the facts, determining the fire’s cause, and identification of the responsible person and/or product.

  • All investigations are conducted pursuant to NFPA 921 Guidelines, and our Company has a full range of auxiliary services including forensics, chemical analysis, electrical and mechanical engineering to assist our investigators in determining the source and causation of the fire incident. The scientific methodology ensures our clients the highest standards of fire investigation practices are being employed to determine the true cause of the fire loss.