Automotive Forensics

  • Reported Stolen and Recovered

    The days have come and gone of depending solely on an ignition lock examination and evidence of forced entry to support conclusive theft determinations. Our investigators and experts have assembled 26 categories of examination and 80 separate evidence indicators consistent with theft motives (including traditional theft-for-profit or owner insured involvement). These indicators have been developed in concert with (and during) actual investigations, in-person investigator interviews, and peer reviews. As with all investigations, our only goal is to reveal the truth and identify those responsible for a reported theft event.

    Mechanical / Component Failure

    Our Automotive Experts conduct investigations to identify (or eliminate) mechanical system, Body Shop collision repairs or component failures that may have caused or contributed to vehicle accidents, injuries or property damage. Regardless of whom we represent, the repair facility, vehicle owner or an insurance company, the process is same; hunting for the truth always provides dependable results. Knowing and proving the difference between an actual component failure, and a failure that occurs as a result of an incident, is made easier when, you bring to bear the appropriate expertise, skill level and experience.

    Vehicle Fire / Explosion Origin and Cause

    Within the Automotive Fire Investigation industry it is common to engage an origin and cause investigator who has the ability to identify the area of origin but not the specific cause (or failure). The investigative baton (and corresponding expense) is then passed to an automotive expert, who then puts forth the effort to eliminate specific systems components and failure modes. Pacific Rims Fire Investigators and Engineers are Automotive Experts who have extensive training, education, experience and skill sets involving automotive related fires. Among these experts is our Lead Automotive Expert - Investigator. He is a ASE Certified Technician in 19 separate Automotive areas;

    • CFI (Certified Fire Investigator) Internationally Certified.
    • CVFI (Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator) Nationally Certified.
    • CFEI (Certified Fire & Explosions Investigator) Nationally Certified.
Pacific Rim’s only goal is to reveal the truth and report it accurately.
We are truth seekers, not case makers.