Evidence Collection

  • Evidence Collection/Preservation

    The Evidence Management Division employs trained, tested, and experienced evidence technicians. Our established protocols can secure your evidence from collection through litigation. Naturally, our methods and protocols meet or exceed the standards of evidence care (i.e., NFPA 921, etc.). Many of our clients use our evidence collection services and facilities solely for evidence preservation and examinations by other experts.

    Storage Facility and Equipment

    Our facilities are located in a previous General Motors dealership facility. The facilities have been designed and equipped to support component failure analysis as well as full vehicle examinations. Our facilities on-site equipment includes side-by-side covered vehicle lifts. In addition, we also provide in-house and mobile x-ray service. Our approximate 1200 ft.² climate controlled examination room is also equipped with the tools and equipment most often required for forensic examinations.

    Preservation and Spoliation

    Upon arrival, all evidence is documented and secured with protective materials, and re-secured after each examination. Evidence normally stored at our facilities include: HVAC rooftop units, commercial and residential large appliances as well as large forklifts and motor homes. Pacific Rim’s facilities are equipped to accommodate examinations with up to 40 attendees.

As always, our overall goal is to protect our clients from court challenges involving allegations of evidence spoliation or tampering.